These once barren, un-inhabited islands were discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the 15th century and were quickly established as a major transatlantic sea route for the slave traders. The strategic position of these islands also provided an important stop-over point for general cargo ships and other mariners as well.

The early prosperity of these islands came at a cost though and brought attention from unwanted pirates who often plundered the flourishing towns. Right up until the early 18th century the slave trade prospered, but by mid-century there was a sudden decline and finally abolished in 1876. These islands suffered financially as a consequence and a series of hash droughts and extreme weather conditions crippled the islands. Residents left in droves for other shores.

By the 19th century the advent of ocean liners and larger cargo ships turned the fortunes of Cape Verde around again and these islands became a valuable transatlantic stop-over point again. Ships transporting coal, water and livestock would stop over in Mindelo Harbour, on the island of Sao Vicente for fuel and other supplies.

In 1973 Cape Verde achieved its independence and has slowly prospered and become a tourist destination for many Europeans.

By the turn of the century more and more overseas investments in hotels and exclusive five-star resorts has given another boost to these islands. Tourists from around the world looking for new, exciting frontiers are starting to discover just how beautiful and diverse these islands really are. Their struggling economy has started to build again and new airports have been built on many of the once remote outer islands to handle more domestic and international aircraft.


22 June
Went back to Mindelo had 2 lazy bite and no hook up ****************************
21 June
Incredible day on the bank we went 8/9 best day ever so far!!! ****************************
20 June
Still good bite but less luck.. 2 for 6 ****************************
19 June
We decide to go to S. Antao and check the North West Bank, 2 for 5 for the day ****************************
18 June
water change again and get colder we saw only 1 fish but no hook up. ****************************
17 June
Bit better to day and we menage to release 1 blu out 2 bite ****************************
16 June
Water get warmer but no luck to day we went 0 for 3 ****************************
15 June
water get a bit cold and the fish slow down, 1 for 2 to day ****************************
14 June
Fishing was really good in S. Pedro we went 3 for 5 ****************************
10 June
Fish S. Pedro the water was really good and we menage to release 1 blue marlin out 3 bite ****************************
1 June
Last day for the boy's and we did it again.. 2 for 4.. ****************************
31 May
Quite consistant 2 for 2 ****************************
30 May
Fishing still great in the last 2 day we wend 4 for 8 and saw 4 more fish but no bite.. ****************************
28 May
Fish S. Pedro went 2 for 4 ****************************
18 May
fish still fantastic ending the day 40 for 4 ****************************
17 May
super day start with a double and anding 4 for 6 with a nice 650lb plus!! ****************************

2015 Sportfishing Cabo Verde